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Thread: Fallow eating plastic silage wrap

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    Fallow eating plastic silage wrap

    The last few fallow I have culled have all had silage wrap in there stomachs and to varying degrees there hearts wear soft !

    Any one else found this
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    Plastic is a common killer of deer. Bailing string, shade cloth, plastic bags, shotgun wads, etc. It often forms into balls in the rumen which the deer cant regurgitate, they then die slowly from starvation. It's worth looking into the rumen of any poorly looking deer to see if plastic was the cause.
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    There was an article recently (might have been on BBC website) about deer eating dog poo bags in a park somewhere. THink they were fallow...

    Here you go: Bradgate Park: Plastic poo bags found in deer's gut - BBC News

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    Check out my article on Jelens archive ......."Fallow Buck /.32 Pistol dispatch etc"....

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