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Thread: Camo netting (desert) VAST

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    Camo netting (desert) VAST

    The need to clear space just goes on... this time I have the majority of a really massive camouflage net - originally 12m x 14m.

    I hacked a couple of bits off it, with the intention of using the rest for a series of hides, but time has beaten me and I just need it out of the way.

    I don't honestly know what sort of shape is left because you can easily lose your way when cutting bits off. I'd guess that it's missing about 16 square meters in total. So still a bloody enormous net left. This is what it looked like when I unfurled it on the lawn last year:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The lawn is about 11m across, so a great deal of net was wrinkled up at the edges to make it fit. This is by no means stretch out. You could conceal a minibus under this thing.

    I'm asking 75 for the whole thing, including delivery to Mainland UK. There may have to be a small surcharge for Highlands/islands, but those of you who've dealt with me before and live in NI and IoM etc. all know I don't charge much for zonal fees.

    With careful use of scissors, you can probably sell pieces of it on and double your money.

    E-mail me please:

    RFD no: 36/2511
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    Gotta get this thing out of the shed. Reduced to 50 delivered to clear. Any takers?
    RFD no: 36/2511
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    SOLD thank God. My shed back at last!
    RFD no: 36/2511
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