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Thread: First boar

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    First boar

    After 3 years and 6 trips I finally managed my first boar at Jagares place in Sweden .
    I have been lucky and had groups of boar in front of me twice before, just nothing shootable.
    This trip I was extra lucky because the boar have been absent for quite some time.

    After arriving on Monday afternoon we had a brew and a catchup, before checking the baitsite.
    Alan was astounded that the boar had been there sunday night, so we pulled the card on the trailcam to see when.
    As it was, they were there fom 19.30 ish on and off for a few hrs.

    I decided to skip dinner and got myself set up in the blind sharpish.
    After just a couple of hours wait a group of 6-8 young boar silently entered the arena.
    I waited for them to start feeding and slowly raised the illumination of the green LED.
    I lit the illuminated reticle of my scope and slipped off the safety ready, then it was just a matter of following the mayhem and isolating a victim.
    They were jostling and squealing and were all bunched up. All of a sudden one got kicked out of the group, the dot found its place on his shoulder and the .308 barked.
    The pig was knocked off his feet and kicked for 30 seconds or so. I had chambered a new round and made safe the rifle and was watching him in the scope in case he needed another shot. After 5 mins I packed up and checked that he was dead before giving Jagare the good news.
    An easy retrieval thanks to the quad and into the barn for gralloching. A young boar, 35 kg gutted.

    The next evening saw us taking a trip to the shooting cinema just outside Landvetter Airport near Gøteborg.
    This was a first for me and very enjoyable. We burnt through 42 rounds in 30 mins shooting at boar, red deer and mouflon on the 25m cinema range. Very professional setup.

    I sat out again Wednesday and Thursday nights and was entertained by 4-5 roe and a lone hare scavenging for maize thrown out by the feeder.

    A great trip in excellent company, as always.
    Thanks again mate

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    well done, nice write up

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    Congratulations, pigs take a lot of time. I have been on many trips and returned empty handed, I have also shot three off one stand, that was driven.
    Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake..

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    Your perseverance paid off. I went up near Kinna a few times,about 60km from Goteborg. Got 1, it was mighty cold.Click image for larger version. 

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    super job had my first with solway stalker this year a big buzz
    great result

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    Well done Toby!

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    Nice one! Always remember your first!
    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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