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Thread: weekend in sussex ( my first buck)

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    weekend in sussex ( my first buck)

    on friday i travelled down to west sussex for a weekend with malc (sikamalc) sandra, tony and terry (pheasant sniper). i was first to arrive so chucked my kit into the cottage where we stay and put the kettle on, next thing terry turned up so i made him a cuppa, terry said to me whos is the cake on top of the hob, i said it was there when i came in and last time i stayed the lady who runs the place brought us some cakes over, so with that terry had sliced off 2 great portions mmmmmm. then tony turned up and me and terry had just finished seconds on the cake, terry was just on about having some more and cutting tony a piece when the lady from the house came to see us. O MY GOD YOU HAVE EATEN MY DAUGHTERS SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o ****. anyway terry said i told you not to cut into the cake andy, you know who you can trust. anyway she found it hilarious. anyway malc and sandra turned up and we had a great meal and a few drinks and it was time for a few hours sleep.3.30am soon came round, quick cup of tea and we were out. terry went into a high seat and saw plenty of does, tony went off into a large block of woodland and didnt see much at all, and me malc and sandra went off on another part of the ground. about half way through the stalk we saw a roe doe with twin fawns (that journey was worth it to see them) i had never seen a fawn before, then sandra said she would stay back and keep an eye out for a buck where she would sit. me and malc carried on as we came up out of a block of woodland we both spotted a buck 2 fields away so we stalked along the edge of the field by the wood, then we had another look, and there was a doe stood there, we stood for a few minutes untill we saw the buck again, the wind was good for us so we stalked up into the field using some trees between us to get in closer, we got into around 70-80yds from the buck when i saw a glimpse of him, i said to malc if i took a step to the left i would be able to take the shot. we had seen he was a old 6 pointer so malc told me to take the shot, so up onto the sticks (the buck still didnt know we were there) and i fired the buck dropped on the spot.this was my first ever roe buck and he was a beauty, to me anyway. i had loads of stick from the others all day but i took it all well i think! in the evening i saw does and so did tony, i was in a seat tony was with malc and terry was in another seat up in the next field from me ( i will let terry put his account into words) the next morning terry didnt stalk has he had to leave, and me and tony went back to the same to high seats, and you have guessed it all does about again. the bucks were well and truly hiding. i did miss a fox that morning it was that close i should have jumped on it!. thanks again to malc, sandra and todd, and to tony and terry. what a great weekend. i have probably missed a bit out as im being moaned at to get off the computer. when i get chance i will try to get a photo posted.

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    Nice one Andy, im still in hysterics over the cake. well never forget that buddy.

    Great to meet up with you all again and Tony for the first time who joined in the piss taking like he was an old friend.

    Congrats on a nice buck mate despite the ribbing of putting in a viagra when you boil it to get some length on them antlers.

    All good banter with great friends

    Many thanks to Malc and Sandra for a majic weekend

    Cant wait to see you all again

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Nice one Andy pleased for you mate . Look forward to some pics of that roe buck.

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    As Terry said a great weekend and great company. Well done with the buck Andy , if only you could of seen your face when you realised the cake was for a little girls birthday, hope you and Terry get over feeling guilty
    Thanks again to Malc and Sandra hope to see you later in the year.

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    Congrats Andy, get those pics up!

    Don't take any stick either mate... if it's any consolation my first buck was the scrawniest little thing you've ever seen!

    all the best,


    p.s. Caaake!

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    Hi Alex.

    Its a fine buck mate, we just had to rib him as you do on these weekends.

    Going to look great up on the wall.

    Get the pickies up Andy
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Alex, where did you get that pic of andy ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony View Post
    Alex, where did you get that pic of andy ?
    It was taken back when he had hair

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    piss taking! i dont recall any of that going on!! thanks for the old photo of me alex

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    Well done Andy , great feeling to get your first buck isnt it.


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