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Thread: Testing .22 Ammunition.

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    Testing .22 Ammunition.

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    Testing a new .22

    Having recently purchased a new Lithgow Crossover .22 rifle to use as a hunting rifle and Field Rifle competition rifle I set about the task of finding the most accurate brand and type of ammunition for my rifle. As some of you may know each and every .22 rifle has a particular liking for a certain brand, projectile weight and velocity combination and unfortunately very few have the same preferences. So I purchased a variety of .22lr ammunition all standard velocity with 40grn solid projectiles consisting of the following brands, Winchester T22, RWS Club Target, SK Standard, SK Match, CCI Standard, Remington .22 Target, Winchester Super Speed and Federal Premium Target. First I set up 8 targets at 50 meters and shot 5 shot groups on each target using each different type of ammunition. I then compared the groups on the targets to determine which type of ammunition warranted further testing, the results are shown in the photograph below.

    The results of my initial testing.
    After comparing the results I decided on further testing of 4 of the 8 different types of ammunition those being SK Standard, Federal Premium Target, Remington .22 Target and RWS Club Target. The CCI Standard had performed very well and I decided no further testing of this was required.

    For my second test I prepared 4 targets at 50 meters and fired 10 shots into each target with each different type of ammunition. I then compared the results, what I was looking for was consistent accuracy and I found that the SK Standard performed exactly as I wanted. The results of my second test can be seen in the photograph below.

    The results of the second round of testing.

    Of the 4 types that I tested I have settled on using the SK Standard as my competition ammunition and CCI Standard Velocity as my general use small game hunting ammunition. All the ammunition I tested provided reasonable accuracy for most situations when hunting small game such as rabbits at ranges not exceeding 50 meters, however CCI Standard and SK Standard were the stand out performers in my rifle.
    If a group of you get together and do the same testing you only have to purchase one packet of ammunition to test up to 10 different types. You may want to try a similar comparison in you rifle you may be very pleasantly surprised with the results.
    I certainly was when I shot my first Field Rifle competition after the test and scored an almost perfect score on my last 50 meter target.

    Enjoy your shooting safely.

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    In my Brno Model 5 bolt action best results at 25 yards are RWS Semi Auto and CCI Standard. The current Eley stuff in the green lidded box is quite poor.

    Yet in my old BSA Model 12 Martini Action the now no longer made Eley Target Rifle in yellow box (a level BELOW brown box Eley Club) was very good.

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