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Thread: good by to an old friend

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    good by to an old friend

    went to one of my farms the other night to have a look round and as soon as i got there the farmer said he needed a favor from me .can you shoot me a buck for a friend and dress it please if its not to much trouble .happy days so tonight it was a lovely evening so i went down to the shoot to see if i could get a buck for him.

    i had alook round a couple of fields and then found the perfect buck to get he,s an old chap thats been round for a few years and he,s started to go back and he,s easy to pick out as he has a limp on his left rear leg i have seen him from time to time. so stalked into him from 2 fields away he was feeding on a grass strip on the side of a rape field after getting the wind in my face it was an easy stalk from there using the rape as cover i stalked to within 60 yards of him and had a good look at him from there .

    he was still unaware i was there and after deciding to take him it shot him and he fell where he stood he never even heard the bang on inspection i was spot on to take him as he had 4 front lower teeth and 3 molers on the lower jaw and not a tooth in his upper jaw bet he was still a good weight and in good condition but it was his time .and the farmer is going to be a happy bunnie tommorow

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    Good call, and you couldn't have wished him a better end.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Good Buck to take out, probably would not have made it through another winter, maybe not the best for eating though!

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    Good buck to take out and a good end for the old fellow.

    I too caught up witha very old buck a few weeks ago. I had known of this buck for the past four years at least,and he was very old when we first found him. and as he seemed to live a charmed life on the edge of the farmland, between that and the village , catching up with him was always going to be difficult.

    Well, earlier this season I went to look for him, in the same two fields he had occupied for all of the time I had known him and came upon a pile of bleached bones by the hedge. the skeleton was complete and there was no obvious cause of death. he had died close to casting time, so I would think around November last year, and had already cast one antler, however the one remaining one was proof positive it was the old boy himself. teeth wear was extreme, with some lost on either jaw.

    I can only assume he died of old age, on his territory after a long life. it would be interesting to get a tooth sectioned to see how old he was.

    out of the two choices, I think your buck got the better end of the stick. Quick and Instant, with no idea it was coming


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