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Thread: Moving to New Zealand

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    Moving to New Zealand

    I am planning on moving to NZ this autumn and just wondered if anyone on here had experience of moving guns to NZ/abroad? At the moment the plan is to take my .243 and a shotgun and to look into buying a bigger calibre there, starting with a visitor permit and applying for a more permanent one when there. Also I have been wondering how the process might work coming back as i will have to give up my UK ticket?

    I would be interested to hear other experiences even if you have just been for a short break.


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    Sis has just moved out there. Firearms laws seem to be sensible. Do a test and then you're good to go. I think!

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    Hi mate, I brought my rifles with me, on arriving at the airport apply for a visitor license, you can,t do this from the UK unless you have a return flight, keep your UK license until you have a full NZ ticket, for this you will need a permanent address, sitting the test is simple, I have a cat A license which means no pistol grips, you can buy any calibre or as many as you want. Make sure who you fly with will carry your guns and the country's you fly through will allow transit, I used Malaysia airways, as there baggage policy is based on weight, not bags.

    what are you planning to do in NZ and where are you going.

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    I sent mine from a dealer in UK when we moved out here, got a fone call from the freight agent and went in and picked them up.I got my NZ FAC before the rifles arrived, was all so easy

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    Wished I had made the same move 25 years ago.
    Plan on going out at some point for some Hunting. Have lots of hunting friends in Nz. I love the Country. Its only downfall is a stupid Government that persists on dropping 1080 all over its beautiful Countryside.
    You going to North or South Island?.

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    Thanks for the help, really useful to hear from people that have done it! I will hopefully be moving to Christchurch and am particularly excited about trying some Alpine hunting but fully plan to get about a bit including North Island.

    What sort of security is required for storage of firearms on a visitor or NZ ticket?

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    I brought my cabinet from the UK , in the container, a safe place is all they say, my son in law had a locked wooden cupboard ,your air line case will be good enough as its lockable , looking at my temporary, it asks for your home address in UK, I used the someone as on my fac, and address in NZ, on the departure flight she wrote, immigrating for good ?.

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    Thanks for the help Taff. Out of interest have you (or anyone else) got any suggestions on which air line case to get/where from?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Drstalk View Post
    Thanks for the help Taff. Out of interest have you (or anyone else) got any suggestions on which air line case to get/where from?


    Peli 1720 Case

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    If I could get there without flying, I would be tempted to go to NZ if the REMAIN camp wins. I've only met one person who has been there and not liked it.

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