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Thread: Adders.

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    You're out in the wilds and your dog gets bitten by an adder.
    what, of anything, can you do?
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    A very good question to pose and I await a professional response with interest.

    I know what I would do at the moment - but rather than risk muddying the water; I'd rather hear what the professionals we have on here advise.

    But I'd amend the context - last year a dog was bitten several times in the village - bare yards away from the primary school and in an area no one gave a thought to snakes being present. I do not know what first aid was applied, but the dog survived after some form of serum was flown in for it. So doesn't have to be wild - but I appreciate the context - ie time to get aid etc.
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    with no research I would try and slow the poison by using a tourniquet and carry the dog to reduce heart rate and blood flow. Then get to the vets asap.
    also ring ahead so the vet has chance to get the antidote in stock?
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    Tell the dog to sit while I grab some photos of the adder - I can take photos of my dogs at any time, but adders are something special

    Joking aside, in Sutherland on several occasions I've now seen dogs - labradors and terriers - bitten by adders.

    In some cases the owners have rushed to the vet, in others they've just kept the dog calm and cool, dousing any swelling with cold water. Both approaches seem to have worked equally effectively.

    The stalker's terrier has been bitten on multiple occasions, but never been to the vet for any treatment because of it

    In nearly all the above cases the bite was on the muzzle - presumably because the dog was investigating the adder - so not quite sure how a tourniquet would have helped here! I'd actually fear a tourniquet would do more harm than good.

    I assume we're talking UK adders here, not puff adders!

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    I'm not a vet, but asked the question of my local vet some years ago. He told me to carry some Piriton with me. Give the dog one immediately after the bite and get it to a vet.
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    I assume you mean after you have napalmed the whole area ? (not a fan of snakes!)
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Been there when dogs have been bitten, labs and terriers. Dogs were kept calm and taken to the vets, none died. Think I was told not to use a tourniquet if it ever happened.

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    Have known of dogs being bitten and recovering on their own, also knew a stalker who was bitten and never went to a doctor,never been bitten myself and I don't imagine its a pleasant experience, but the truth is that an adder bite is seldom fatal unless the victim has an underlying medical condition

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    I assume you mean after you have napalmed the whole area ? (not a fan of snakes!)
    Nuke from orbit, only way to be sure.

    Spending a chunk of my formative years in Australia, I have a healthy respect for them also.

    I am almost proud to say I have never seen an Adder.
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    I found a new location for our wildfowling dog training in the summer months as they were using a bit of marsh and one dog got bitten.

    So a friend lets us use a 4 acre flat mowed Adder free field....

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