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Thread: Browning X bolt in 6.5x55 stainless stalker

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    Browning X bolt in 6.5x55 stainless stalker

    Hi all, anyone out there in stalking land shoot one of these, what are they like to shoot, what weight of bullet do they like or if factory, brand & weight & how accurate are they out to about 400m.
    Going back to having a single calibre for foxing and stalking, a lot of you suggested a 6.5x55 in a previous thread when I was looking for a change, but I went with the 308 because I thought the 6.5 was one of these funny foreign calibres that you couldn't get ammo for but it seems a lot of folk are using them.

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    I have the A-bolt and it's great, light, works well with different weights of bullet, not tried it out to 400 though.
    Is there a time and place for spontaneity?

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    I have one in .270. Lovely rifle to handle and shoot. Love the safety on the tang and fact you can open the bolt with the safety on. Much nicer stock than the tupperware Tikka imho. Great out of the box accuracy

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    got one in 223 lovely rifle,nice and accurate straight out the box. like it more than my t3.

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    I have a blued 6.5x55 (Cerakoted now). Its like a laser gun with 140gr superformance SST. Sub 1/2 MOA at 100m.

    Pretty dramatic wounding on Roe and Fallow as well which I am happy about as it stops them in their tracks and acceptable meat damage.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have x bolt stainless fluted stalker in 2250 can't fault it mate great for fox and roe without any issues
    five stars for me

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    I have had a few gun's in my time, but the X-Bolt i sold last week really tugged on my heart, in 30-06, very, very accurate gun, 165 grain Sierra Gameking dropped a big mule deer buck at 404 yards, 180 grain Nosler Partition it also liked.
    I did find after time that it preferred a barrel that was a little 'dirty' if you understand what i mean.
    I hope i don't come to regret selling it.
    Sorry i can't comment on your calibre though.

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    Got a XBolt stainless fluted in .243 and never had any problems in nearly 4 years with it. Only thing I could find fault with it, was the trigger which was a bit heavy, but soon sorted that and never had an hiccup with it since.

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