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Thread: Roe deer fawn

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    Roe deer fawn

    Any one seen any fawns yet I spoke to a farmer yesterday the group of roe that live in his spinney was five have a baby in tow not seen it myself. What's your thoughts is it early or normal?

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    Perhaps mistaken ID ? Would he be familiar with the appearance of a young doe Muntjac ?
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    March would be very early for them. Perhaps the unseasonably warm weather might have an effect on embryonic diapause, though I would have expected to read more about near full-term kids in late-culled does if that was the case.
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    That's early if its true and not mistaken. I have a picture some were (I will look it out) That was born on April 13 and I thought that was early.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Norm View Post
    Perhaps mistaken ID ? Would he be familiar with the appearance of a young doe Muntjac ?
    I thought that but he said when spraying the field the little one was in the edge and the group wouldn't leave it kept moving about but not running off

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    Highly unlikely to be this years youngster that would make it a whole two months early.

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    You also mention a group that's normal for roe at this time of year,if a doe had a youngster at foot it's much more likely they would be on their own.

    Its much more likely to be a small one of last year either a late kid or just a poor doer

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    At the time of the 2007 Deer (Ammendment) Act consultation several people spoke out against the extension of the doe season and used roe kids in March as evidence but I have never seen it. Personally, I think the earliest date that I have seen A kid is about the 20th of April.

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    I may have to go out and have a look

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    As with the above responses, I would be very surprised to see a Roe doe with this years fawn at foot in March!. As a rule Roe foetus do not start to develop in the womb until January I believe. Usually giving birth in mid to late May.

    However we have had one or two crazy seasons with abnormal weather patterns. The deer that you friend saw is probably last years young, which may have been produced late and therefore small for its age.
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