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Thread: Advice on case cleaning

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    Advice on case cleaning

    Fairly new to re-loading and after some advice.
    i currently de-cap cases then clean in an ultrasonic and dry in a very low oven before re-sizing.
    You then have to wipe off the case lube before carrying on.

    Question is, is it better to re-size cases before cleaning ? Would this cause any issues ?

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    I'm fairly new to it myself but I clean in a tumbler to start, then de-prime/size and cut to length if needed. I then clean primer pockets before a final US clean to remove all traces of lube, and into a low oven for half an hour, so two cleaning cycles per re-load session for me. I know some who do three. As long as you're cleaning before re-sizing you shouldn't run the risk of scratching the die/damaging cases due to muck on the inside or outside. I wouldn't advise ever resizing before cleaning your brass. You want to be able to see the condition of the brass as well as ensuring consistency and avoiding any damage to the die, hence always clean at the start. I always inspect cases before first cleaning and reject any brass showing signs of blow marks past primer which might indicate stretched primer pockets too. Bit late to do this after a first clean.

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    if im honest i can't see why you would not de cap whilst sizing and then clean ? but sizing after is no problem if you just wipe any wax/lube off after with a rag.

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    It's always good practice to keep as much crap as you can out of your resizing die, so clean before lube/sizing.
    Helps keep your die in good condition for much longer. Clean the die thoroughly occasionally getting rid of old lube etc.
    Some lubes are messy, others are much easier. Imperial reckoned to be among the best, all cases should be wiped clean after sizing...I use tissue or a rag with meths for the job. Easy, but tedious. However you do end up with cases that are clean & good for the next procedures.

    Personally, I use a decapping die first, then after cleaning the primer pockets, resize with the decap pin in the resizing die backed into the die. With the die decap rod adjusted correctly, it helps maintain case neck/body concentricity.
    I only full length resize & set the die to fired case headspace. That way the case shoulder/neck has only minimal work to aid case life.
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    I deprime first,with a universal deprimer (£10) before cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner,then resize.

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