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Thread: Bald Roe!!!!!

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    Bald Roe!!!!!

    I know at this time of the year when Roe start to grow their summer coat they look a bit scruffy and be draggled, but last Monday eve my mate shot a beast which looked like it had mange!!! I mean the neck and shoulder of the beast was bald!!! Then last night he shot another doe which had the top third of her bald!! Again it was treated like last Mondays and disposed of, we didnt want to risk cross contamination to the dogs via the pick up. Now he has spoke to a stalker and this chap says it is very common on parts of his ground and it is due to the deer changing coats 6 weeks early!! Now I have never heard of mange on deer or heard of deer going bald cause they are changing coats. Can anyone cast a light on this? We dont have any photos unfortunately.



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    Hi nutty,

    Last year i shot a buck in the borders with bold patches and which was also quite under weight. Sensing that something was amiss i spent a while examining it. When i gralloched it i noticed white patches on it`s lungs. After further investigations i came to the conclusion it had suffered with lungwom and then pneumonia, in this case the lungworm and pneumonia was the thing that caused it to be out of condition. I am not saying for one minute that this could be the same for your deer, but it is always worth investigating a little further to find out if there is anything else that could have caused it to lose hair, rather than moulting.


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    Bald Roe !!!!

    Hi Nutty,
    About five years ago I shot a buck in late April that had Mange.
    I had seen him the previous autumn and noted that his coat did not seem right but at the time could not catch up with him. When he came to book, he was in the same area and recognised him immediately.
    A skin scraping and a look under the microscope confirmed sarcopic mange. He weighed in at 44lbs clean and in otherwise good condition. He was skinned immediately and the coat, legs and head burned. I have not seen one since, but I am itching now thinking about it.

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    BTW both beasts were from the same area and the farmer doesnt allow foxes to be shot on the ground.


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    Hi Nutty, I shot a Roe doe recently which also had a lot of hair missing and was a little underweight. I could not find any problems during the gralloch until I discovered that the poor old girl only had 2 teeth left. She must have been having terrible trouble feeding. I have a picture which I will try and insert below.

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    On my last trip to the borders, 2 of the roe we shot had bald patches along their spines (in fact they were a pair of followers from the same doe). By bald I mean just that, not a hair for a section 2" by approx 8". The stalker put it down to the deer passing under barbed wire. Is that a plausible explanation? They gralloched out ok.

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    Saw a munty about 6 weeks ago, bald patches all over but otherwise looking quite healthy. Never presented a shot but still think of him. Maybe I will go and look for him, as I thought it starnge but seems as though it is quite common.

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    Hudson your beast is "hairy" as to the 1 on monday last! I posted on another site aswell and low and behold a mange ridden roe has turned up else where today nothing at all to do with last nights beast there would have been 50 miles between the 2!


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