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Thread: Howa 1500 Varmint .243 Bell and Carlson

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    Howa 1500 Varmint .243 Bell and Carlson

    .243 Howa in a B&C Medalist stock, 24" heavy barrel varmint

    After some deliberation I have decided to let this one go, it has been relegated to NV foxing use and is a bit too much rifle to pack around. Rifle is 2 years old, round count is around the 200 mark. It was shot in properly and has been meticulously cleaned and maintained.

    This is the latest model with the Howa Actuator 2 stage trigger.

    Has had a large/tactical bolt knob fitted by Brock and Norris. Condition overall is outstanding with only a slight mark from over barrel mod.

    Comes with a Sonic 45 mod, this has a few marks from stripping.

    Scope, mounts and Bipod not included.

    I will also throw in some reloading bits: lee die set, 100+ brass and an unopened box of 100gr gamekings

    Final price reduction before I just part ex this - practically giving it away at this price. This package was 1200 new and is pristine

    Price is 490 for the rifle with B&C stock and mod

    Barreled action + mod 300

    I can also offer this in a brand new Hogue stock for 350

    I am happy to sell the Bell and Carlson stock separately for 200

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    hi, with this stock is it still convertible to box mag?

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    It is indeed. I used to have the detachable mag kit, but preferred the bottom metal for high seat use.

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    do you still have the box mag conversion ?

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    Unfortunately not, it wasn't getting any use.

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    Still here

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    Price reduction

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