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Thread: Blood tracker torch

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    Blood tracker torch

    Anybody use one ????? Any good ?????
    cheers Steve

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    upgrade to a dog, torch works on short green grass but as the ground conditions get rougher it's far less effective and the deer needs to be bleeding
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    I was given a gerber carnivore years ago to try out. It was bloody useless.

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    Steve, the black light torches are very weak and work best in darkness. This may help in finding a strike site at night but I would not recommend them. What do you do in daylight?

    Take a look at our shot site recommendations for our recommended method of finding the shot site and what to do about your findings. Uksha follow up and strike site

    Hope this helps?



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    Hi Guys,
    Reason for my question is: yesterday shot a fallow I saw it was a good hit and which way it ran, just couldn't find the thing, my shooting Buddy came to help and found it within mins in brambles about 100yds away. His comment was "couldn't you see the blood trail it's everywhere." Realised I couldn't as I'm colour blind and the blood on the leaf litter is the same colour to me. Never lost one before and it's sort of S**T me up a bit. We have access to dogs and also a "Fler" thingy, so it's not the end of the day. Just like to be independent I guess.
    Thanks for the input Guys.

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    I have a LED torch which gives out a very bright white light. The blood seems to almost glow! Tracked a fallow in the dark for about 70m with it last week in some fairly thick woodland. I was a good blood trail though. I think the torch cost about 4. Worth a try at that price.

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    Good idea MS always got one in the truck will try it next time.

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    Ultraviolet light makes blood viewable but you need a strong light source, much stronger than the hand held variety available.

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