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Thread: parker hale .270 (yellow) cleaning rod, jag and brush with adaptor

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    parker hale .270 (yellow) cleaning rod, jag and brush with adaptor

    I have a .270 cleaning rod made by parker hale, an adaptor so it can take common 8/52 thread ( i think that what they are) brushes a and a .308 tipton jag and nylon brush for sale. I had ordered a dewey rod but it was delayed in postage and needed to clean the rifle so got these new. Used once and now no longer needed as .30 dewey rod, brushes and jag have arrived.
    Given the size and cost i will not post but can be collected from myself in Mold region North Wales or Rhyl region as I commute between the areas.
    Will do it all for 20 think between the rods, brushes, jag and adaptor it has probably cost me about 35, if it doesnt sell i'll just hang onto it as a spare.

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    For this asking it is a one piece coated road

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