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Thread: best caliper Digital or Dial ?

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    best caliper Digital or Dial ?

    could anyone tell me the best caliper to use for measuring cases ect.. digital or dial ?

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    You don't need "the best", as a tool and die maker would.

    I have dial calipers from Starrett and Brown & Sharpe, and they are dead on, after decades, but would cost dearly if bought new today. Mitutoyo makes top digital, but again, you don't need that, either.

    Digital is nice, because you only need one caliper, to check cases and OAL vs any recipe.

    I have been very happy with my iGauging IP54 digital. It is stainless steel with hardened jaws, and coverts from metric to inch on the fly. They are about $50 USD, but I got them on sale for almost half. I have some Hornady which were given to me, and they are nicer than those, in the sense of feel on the thumb wheel. I can walk the IP54 down 0.001 inch at the time. 0.0005" resolution, 0.001" repeatability, three readout formats to 0.0005" / 0.01mm / 1/128 inch

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    I prefer to use dial gauges. They needn't cost the earth. I prefer the all stainless gauges as some of the cheaper ones with plastic shrouding for the reading window allow too much free play when clamping up onto whatever is being measured (I have a digital set which vary by 2 thou depending on how you close them and that's not good enough when measuring for headspace). RDG Tools provide an all stainless dial gauge for £18 delivered and it's pretty good too.

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    I tend to buy the best quality measuring instruments but.... for reloading? Not necessary.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    I tend to buy the best quality measuring instruments but.... for reloading? Not necessary.~Muir
    Decent enough verniers are available fairly inexpensive ...dial or digital doesn't matter, just what suits you best.
    Screwfix usually have digital on offer and they will measure close enough for your reloading needs.
    Digi is easier to read quickly, especially if you use additional hornady measuring tools such as a comparator or headspace tool.
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    Many years ago now I bought a set of 150mm Mitutoyo Digimatic Calipers (500-133U) it was it says on the end of their case. They came in an orange card slip cover the top and sides of which are now well faded. I also bought a 0-25mm Moore & Wright (965MF) micrometer These have served me well for my reloading and were purchased through the firm I was working at so got them at a slight discount. Fairly expensive at the time but they will last me out providing I care for them and I have now also got my fathers set of 8" Mitutoyo Dial vernier now along with his Moore & Wright 0-1" micrometer the micrometer is probably around 60+ years old and the Dial calipers were bought in the early 1980's I understand. He was into model making.

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    Keep an eye out on the selling sites eBay gumtree ... I picked up my Mitutoyo ones for £10 plus postage

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    NINE POUND AT ALDI for calipers and same again nine -ninety nine ,, on offer at the minute on the site that stratts put on his burger maker on,for a micrometer,maybe not the best but they work and like me they are cheap,
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    i will look for a good used set on ebay, they dont go for much and will come in handy for other stuff. thanks for the advise

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    I am new to all this and I opted for an RCBS dial caliper. I am very happy I did so.
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