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Thread: Mtc viper 3-12x44 IRS

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    Mtc viper 3-12x44 IRS

    Hi all selling a MTC VIPER IRS scope comes with 2 sidewheels and flip up covers. Sell for 180 posted or swap for a similar Hawke scope as I like Hawke scopes.
    Pics can be sent via email

    Kind regards

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    Works great with night vision. Lovely clear optics no fading with zoom crystal clear sight picture

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    Where in North Shrops are you?

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    Pm on its way mate

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    Still for sale

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    Hi dan does the viper have standard or target turrets please?

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    Target turrets. But may have swapped for a Hawke scope will alter add accordingly as soon as we've struck a deal.


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    Still for sale.


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