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Thread: Chromed Backed through Roof mounted Spot Lamp

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    Chromed Backed through Roof mounted Spot Lamp

    Chromed Backed through Roof mounted Spot Light for foxing does any know the make or where to get this lamp.

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    hi huntingstella,i once had a charter boat with a chromed search light on top,try any marine chandlers!! made to take a pounding and don't seem bothered about salt water too!!!

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    Deben do roof mounted spotlights and I think Lightforce also but unsure if they are crome backed. Not sure if the fox would worry about that though!

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    Hi Salmo long time no hear just trying to keep the bling level of chrome up there I was thinking of 22" chrome spinners for the freelander.

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    No point in putting the spotlight on it though as it would stuggle to get over a cattle grid never mind work offroad!

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    I think this is what you are looking for, we used them when I first started out keepering.


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    you will get one from lix toll land rover garage near killin,perthshire tel 01567820280,most farmers,stalkers etc within a 100 miles of killin had them fitted to there land rover!i had one myself on my daihatsu and it is good quality but no matter what i tried i could never get it anywhere near as good a beam as the lightforce 170 which i put on my other daihatsu,the one area it is better though is if your ground has very steep hills the hella light has far more adjustment up and downhill which is handy on most of my foxing grounds!personally id go for the lightforce every time,my roof mounted170 is 7year old and now on a defender but its still the original bulb and still throughs a great beam although i have to almost tip the land rover over to see up very steep faces!

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    These Hella lights are the nuts,Used them for 15 year+.Put in a 100W bulb and you will see the differance.If you install it yourself mind to put an in line fuse on it.A bloke not far from here woke up to an empty black charred vehicle in the morning because of dodgy wiring and no fuse.

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    Another thing,there about 160!!!

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    Thankns guys it was the lamp i was looking for.

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