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Thread: Zoli rifles

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    Zoli rifles

    Got chance of a Zoli in VGC for a decent price
    any feedback on them appreciated

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    John at YDS has had one for clients for 12 months now, it's 6.5x55 if I remember correctly give him a ring
    Also think it's used on some of his YouTube video
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    I have a Zoli Focus - well made rifle that has given me a lot of shooting pleasure over the last six or seven years. I don't doubt that the bolt action rifles would be any different. I just wish that I had the shotgun barrels also.
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    I've got a Taiga in 308. Very happy with it, nice action, very point able and shoots extremely well.
    I run mine with a Macctech V2 mod and an Aimpoint
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    All sounds positive gents - thank you very much

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