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Thread: 30-06 Blaser R8 or Sako 85 Finnlight?

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    30-06 Blaser R8 or Sako 85 Finnlight?

    I already have 2 Sako rifles, .22 and .243, so i originally thought, complete the stable and sell my Browning XBolt 30-06 and get another Sako to complete the set.
    Then someone threw Blaser into the equation, i wish they hadn't!

    I have got my hands on a Blaser R8 Professional to try, it is quality no doubt, and will take some practice with the straight pull and safety, but i like it, although it feels pretty heavy.
    Then i started to look at the R8 Success, with the thumb hole stock, but a little research tells me it is 9lb in weight, compared to the former which is 7 1/2lb.
    I do a lot of walking when i go stalking in Devon, and what ever i buy will be used in the rocky mountains on Elk hunts, so i am a little concerned about the weight issue.
    But i do not use mods so i suppose that reduces the overall weight.

    The Sako, Finnlight or Standard in synthetic, i have heard that they kick like a mule, but my XBolt was a very light rifle and i never had a problem.

    So i know it's a long shot, does anyone own/owned both and can give advice please?



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    R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8, R8 R8, R8, R8, R8 To be honest mate I would probably go for the Sako! Lol. Would I hell! Blaser R8 all the way. Don't worry about the weight you won't even notice it, and it's not like you shoot sod all to ever have to carry, drag or lift anything else. Lol

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    Had both don't own a Sako anymore R8 pro or success, I have both cant decide which one I prefer, hope this helps Regards Steve

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    Got to be the blaser Richard.. There truly is no comparison.. The extra weight is actually a benefit when a rifle is as perfectly balanced as the r8.

    The success takes it to a whole other level again.. The shooting position is perfect, no undue stress on the wrist, your trigger finger just falls where it is supposed to... The most natural and comfortable shooting position imaginable!

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    I'm in the same boat , I have a sako 85 finnlight in 6.5x55 and it's a cracking rifle , just put in for 30-06 and undecided what to get really like the look of the blazer, but sako s have never let me down and very accurate and very well priced

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    Just sold 2 tikkas and got an r8 pro success, best thing I ever done, so easy to shoot yes a bit heaver as got a 6.5x284 with 26inch barrel and mod but the balance makes up for it, also never had a rifle wen working up loads that shoots every load well under a inch, I felt like I was doing it more to get the velocity I wanted.

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    How about you the sake carbon light

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    Quote Originally Posted by 09mutley05 View Post
    How about you the sake carbon light
    Unfortunately, that model is not available in 30-06. It used to be .308 max, but now I notice that they do it in .300 winmag. I can't imagine that being the most comfortable thing in the world to shoot, but I wouldn't mind a go.

    I like Blaser, although the closest I have got to owning one is a Sauer stablemate. I don't really need the takedown option and so far, it's been an itch that I haven't needed to scratch. A confirmed Sako fan, though, I really fancy the Carbon Light in .308 as a backpack rifle. I chose the 85 in Stainless/Laminate for my 30-06 fix:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2016-03-27 13.21.47.jpg 
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    With a Zeiss 1.5-6x42 scope, it's pretty light anyway.

    I would say that if you like your Sakos and fancy a Finnlight (or the Black version) and don't plan to put a moderator on it, then go for it!



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    I have 2 x R8 pro success in .308 and ,223 with a spare .270 barrel. My mate shoots a Sako 85 in .243 synthetic and stainless. The Sako is a really great gun and there was a time when i wondered if I'd made the wrong choice. However the more I use my Blaser's the more I appreciate them.
    I covered my .308 in mud the other day whilst stalking and got home and stripped it fully. Scope off, barrel off the works. A few days later I got the opportunity to test how accurate my ASV turret was out to 300 meters. I shot a 1/2 inch group at 200 metres, infact I have stripped my guns numerous times to either store them, clean them of transport them and they never lose zero.
    As for the weight I've never had a problem carrying them around all day..


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