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Thread: German wirehaired pointer stud

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    German wirehaired pointer stud

    Can anyone recommend a GWPl stud dog in South west of England please?

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    Ben C on here has a cracking stud dog

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    Hi Geardieh.
    Would that be Ben Crumpton?

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    If you put GWP stud dog in the search box Benc will come up he lives in Wincanton and there are some pics of his dog

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    I have a 4 year old dog from Trudvang lines but he is unproven at the moment as I have not used him at stud yet. He has been used only on deer and never been anywhere near any feather. If you cannot find a proven dog your happy with I'm happy to discuss with you but obviously need to speak to Chris Gray first.
    He's hip scored 3:4 and hereditary free of vWD.

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    Do you have any photos of him that you can pm me?

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    Does he work ? Bitch is out foxing most nights, very biddable, very well trained, you should meet her. Are there restriction on breeding from chris?

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    He works on deer pretty much full time in the winter and start of buck season. I don't think there is a restriction on him but I think Chris mentioned something about using him as a stud when I picked him up.
    What line is your bitch from?

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    Think it should say on his kc papers if there are restrictions, the two that I'm aware of that can be applied are restrictions on breeding ''which in reality only means kc won't register them'' and restrictions on export
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