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Thread: Semi Custom Tikka 595 - 223 Ackley

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    Semi Custom Tikka 595 - 223 Ackley

    I am cutting down rifles and decided to sell my semi custom Tikka 595.

    A semi custom rifle built on the superb Tikka 595 action. A 5 profile match grade Shilen Barrel in 223 Ackley was fitted about 18 months ago. The barrel has been vapour blasted and has an invisible end cap fitted. Threaded for 0.5 UNF.

    This rifle has only seen very light use and only been used for occasional foxing and NV work. The round count is about 400.

    This is an awesome flat shooting rifle and zips 40 grn Nosler / Vmax at around 4000 fps making it one of the best and safest foxing rifles I have used. It also shoots 50 grn SBK at 3600 fps into tiny groups. Both bullets feed for the mag flawlessly. It absolutely hammers fox and vermin,

    The stock has been professionally painted and the action has been fully pillar bedded. The bolt has been fitted with a custom bolt know and looks really smart.

    I have a full set of Redding Match dies ( with micrometer fitted ) - Lapua 223 AI fire formed cases - some bullets and load data for sale too - I am happy to give really good deal on these if buyer wants the kit. ( the dies alone would normally cost about 160 - but happy to discount heavily to buyer )

    695 for rifle only. Please no offers - A re-barrel alone cost more

    Thanks for looking

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    Could you tell me the twist rate please

    kind regards Andrew

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    Hi - Has a 14 twist... will shoot 55 grn bullets no problem .

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    Sorry I'm looking for a 1-8 twist. Thank you Anyways.

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    Could i ask who fitted the barrel please?
    Atb Matt

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    Hi Matt.
    I will enquire. I bought this rifle from a mate after seeing it shoot.
    He only had it for about 6 months from having the barrel fitted, stock sprayed & bedded ect.
    Unfortunately his shooting circumstance changed and I got it. I know that he doesn't compromise where his rifles are concerned, so be assured that it is screwed together properly.

    Load testing picture
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    Bargain for someone, thats an awful lot cheaper than buying a donor rifle and rebarreling. Glwts.

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    Yes - Its an absolute steal for someone.

    I have also the very nice original Tikka Laminate stock for the rifle if the buyer prefers.

    Thanks for looking

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    Load of interest - but still here for now .

    I am willing to hold rifle whilst variations are sorted.


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    Still here guys.
    Cant believe its not been snapped up.

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