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Thread: Rem 700 Weaver rail

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    Rem 700 Weaver rail

    Any recommendations for a Weaver rail to fit to a Rem 700 short action.

    I fitted a picitiny rail for my Pulsar N750 and cant get the group to the centre of the cross hair.
    The Weaver rail will give an extra 1mm of movement left that would help.


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    What rings are you using?
    Burris rings with the polymer inserts will allow you to move the scope to center it up.
    Search recent discussion here with photos.

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    Southern the Pulsar N750 doesn't use rings so unfortunately the Burris rings would be no good in this instance. The mounts are permanently attached to the base of this night sight.

    I've seen a couple of the previous model of this sight that have the same problem it seems to be that the mounts are not true to the centre line of the scope. One chap I know just accepts the error and aims off to allow for the misalignment which I think is a bit crazy be he's happy with the compromise.
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    I don't know anything about night sights, but I try to centre my pica rails to the action by using a scope that is set in it's middle position and bed the rail with rails screws only lightly tightened as scope is on centre via bore sighting (just mover rail left right). Once the bedding has gone off one can take the screws out one by one and screw back in with Loctite and torque down properly. I just fitted a new PMII scope out of the box with centred windage on my T3 previously done like that. She was spot on in windage. I only use one piece rails.
    Oh, I wax the action so that the rail is removable.

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    Try padding one side of the clamp on the 750.
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    The Pulsar N750 has its own built in mounting system for to mount to a Weaver rail. No rings.
    Burris mounts sound interesting. Have to have a look at them. Many thanks.

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    That would be a last resort if the Weaver rail does not move it across enough. Thanks.

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    I take then Reynard that you are hoping that the sloppiness of the Weaver system as opposed to the tighter tolerances of a picatinny rail will allow some latitude of alignment. Wouldn't it be better to ensure that your existing rail is properly aligned in the first place using a system similar to what ejg describes above.
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    Reynard where are you based?, best way to sort this is shim the camera with the thin brass shims (washer) they use. Or if you just need up/down shim the mount base.

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