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Thread: Advice wanted to start loading .308 180gr Sierra Pro Hunter with N140 Lapua brass

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    Advice wanted to start loading .308 180gr Sierra Pro Hunter with N140 Lapua brass

    Hi Im wanting to load some of these and wondered if anyone had any advice where to start.
    I have looked at the lapua web site 38.1-44.1gr quite a big range.

    also 125gr SST with N140 any good recipes?


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    You say quite a big range. But that range is over different head weights. Rule of thumb is, heaver the head the less powder. lighter the head more powder.

    Recipes are not something to be shared as each Rifle needs its own recipe. Can be good for a starting point but then has to be fine tuned from there.
    I custom loaded ammo for customers Rifles, when I was an RFD. You would be surprised how two exact same Rifles were not the exact same load to shoot their sweetest groups.

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    As any reloading manual will tell you - start low and work up.
    It is the only way to go if you want a good load whilst remaining safe.

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    Reynard, the 38.1-44.1gr range isn't for various bullet weights, that's the min-max range for a 180gr bullet.

    For 125gr I'd be looking at N130, Viht listings are here, .308 Winchester - Rifle reloading - Reloading Data - Vihtavuori

    And as said above, start at the lowest load and work up slowly.
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    quickload gives same as the figures you quote with a top load of 44gr. Start 10% down and work up i.e. 39.5-44gr would be the range with your best chance in the top 5% (41.5-44gr).
    As to your 125gr SST. N140 not best powder and you need to go faster H335 would be my choice.


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    For the 125gn bullets give 48gn of BL-C2 a try.

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    Just thought I would post my load data to complete this thread incase anyone else was thinking of loading the same stuff.

    180gr sierra pro hunter-40.0gr vihtavuori n140. gave me 1.25" group at 125yds
    125gr hornady sst -45.5gr n140 gave 1" group at 125yds
    good enough for me

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