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Thread: .22lr, what to get.

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    .22lr, what to get.

    I shoot my .22-250 and .308 at the range of my local clubs however they also do indoor days with .22lr/ air rifles. I had a .17hmr but it exceeded muzzle velocities so sold it and i am considering a .22lr. I am thinking of a tacticle rifle as they are fun to use and a bit different. With that in mind I have been looking for something suitable. The club has a HK 416 which is very solid but has a very heavy trigger. I have tried a GSG but found i could no get on with the stock and it kept jamming. Lokking at a smith and wesson mp 15-22. Does any one have experience with one of them? What is everyone else opinions and experiences. I dont fancy a ruger 10/22 before everyone tells me to get one!!

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    M&P 15-22 all the way mate. Cracking kit
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    How do you find the polymer used to make them? Is it robust? Is the picatinny rail metal or polymer? Thanks

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    I looked at several of the trainer type .22s, because I have HK-91s, FALs, AR-15s, etc. After firing some and talking to police who use them, the S&W MP-22 seemed the best. I got a super deal on one and am very pleased. I may change out the front and rear sights to flip ups so I can mount a scope in QR rings, but right now am shooting it with a 4x and it is really reliable and accurate, with a true AR-15 feel, like a lightweight carbine, Colt 6502 feel. ( And cheaper than the .22 conversion kit for my AR.)

    The S&W tech told me that the chambers are pretty tight, so the inexpensive Federal ammo works well in it, and it has for me. I have shot Winchester 40-gr Subsonic, Rem pistol target, high velocity Rem and CCI hollow points, and never had a feeding or ejecting problem.

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    Hi thanks Southern. How do you find the polymer holds up to use? is the scope rail also polymer or is it metal and if it is polymer do the scope mounts damage it? Thinking of a mp 15-22 subcompact with the 12" barrel.


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    Recommend the M&P 15-22 100% - I would avoid the GSG's, Colts etc as they are not practical as the internals are pretty flimsy - there is not much good said on forums about them.

    The 15-22's polymer is very robust (incl. picatinny top scope rail section) - I have a scope firmly mounted and occasionally take it off to use the magpul open sights or a red dot - the rail is holding up well with no crimping issues if thats what you mean. Having been on the S&W US forum for a while I have not heard anyone complain about the polymer or any mounting issues for that matter - and those boys are always swapping things out.

    I've had mine (15-22 MOE FDE) for just over 3 years now and love it - the S&W comes apart as closely to a normal AR as it gets so it breaks down and cleans very easily - this also means you can customise it

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Added a few bits to mine - Magpul STR stock, CMC Flatblade FCG, LaRue Tactical grip, Magpul Angled Fore Grip, ambi safety, ambi mag release, ambi charging handle and some Magpul FDE rail covers. The barrel shroud I machined myself as they can't be posted here due to ITAR regulations, but it was pretty straight forward as thats what I used to do in a previous life! Only other bit I fancy would be an ACOG, although thats a bit OTT!

    The target was 10 shots @ 50yds once zeroed - the rifle loves CCI AR Tactical (so does my wallet) although it shoots tighter with RWS Semi-Auto - it will rabbit well with winchester 40g subs and moderator, with only the bolt noise being heard in front of the gun. Only issue with ammo I've heard about is if folk have tried the 42g winchester subs (new ones) - case length is slightly longer so it won't cycle correctly. Mine didn't like stingers - to hot for the twist I think.

    All in all this rifle is great quality and great fun - you will not regret it - my RFD has sold dozens and dozens of these over the last 4-5 years and I have never seen one back in or indeed 2nd hand! Get one and enjoy
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    I would just get the standard barrel for the velocity and balance. The rifle is very handy with the collapsible stock. I am just using a very low scope on it, a 4x32 mil dot.

    The police use them for training as a lot of police cruisers have the M&P-15 in 5.56mm in the trunk, and these .22s get a huge amount of shooting without hearing of any problems, so that tells me something. It is like when the NYPD was evaluating handguns, and put one each of a few different models in the range to let officers try them. They told me that a S&W 5906 went 5,000 rounds between some cleanings, and 30,000 rounds without a jam, so it made the short list of pistols at that time. That is an acid test.

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    Hi, thanks for the replies. Really selling the mp15-22 to myself. Have you used the hk 416 and if so any comparison?
    Neex to sell my vortex scope then time to get shopping and see what is around locally.


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    Haven't shot the 416 but have handled one and it felt ok - all metal this one but don't let it put you off the S&W.

    IMO, you have a few options:

    - For Gucci AR realism (and a top build), have a look at the LanTac Sub Raven (if you can get one S/H as not sure these are done by them anymore as they seem to be importing CMMG and upgrading them).
    - Then there is the S&W M&P 15-22 (enough said)
    - Beretta do the ARX 160 and these seem to have good reviews although not selling that well?
    - Anschutz also do the MSR RX22 which again reviews well but sales not so hot.

    You will find a lot of tactical copies languishing and gathering dust in RFD's all over the country - I've just had a quick look on Guntrader and there isn't a single S/H 15-22 - that should tell you something!
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    There are a lot of inexpensive scopes which work very well on this platform, for under $100 to $150.00

    Bushnell Rimfire 3-9x40 with exposed turrets, side parallax adj and duplex. ( Comes with 2 BDC turrets for .17 HMR and .22 LR )
    Simmons Rimfire ( same as the Bushnell ) 3-9x40mm and 4-12x40.
    Bushnell AR Rimfire 2-7x32 and 3-9x40, with exposed turrets, side parallax adj, and BDC reticle.
    Bushnell Rimfire 4-12x40 AO with BDC dots
    Bushnell Rimfire 3.5-10x36 AO with BDC dots
    Hawke Vantage 2-7x32 or 3-9x40mm with Mil Dot and AO.
    Nikon P-22 BDC reticle 2-7x32 with nice exposed turrets in 1/4 MOA
    Nikon P-22 duplex 2-7x32 with two exposed turrets marked for 22 LR and 17 HMR
    Nikon Rimfire 3-9x40 BDC
    Nikon EFR 3-9x40 with AO
    Burris Droptine 2-7x32 with 5 hash marks in 25 yard increments, like the Nikon

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