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Thread: Cooking on a plank, ever herd of it?

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    Cooking on a plank, ever herd of it?

    Take a cedar plank, soak in water for an hour or two, place salmon or steelhead fillet on it and put on a fire or grill. Cook until done. Fantastic! I have heard that you can do it with chicken too, likely other meat as well. I have only done it with fish. Maybe you don't have cedar over there? Scotland looks like it should have some.

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    Yeah ive heard about it you use different woods for different meats. you can use the wood more than once aswell.

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    Quite common in the Scandinavian countries as a way of cooking salmon and trout I think they use silver birch not tried it but does look good

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    Sounds good, very rustic
    most folk here use gas bbq`s,
    fish wrapped in tradition.

    those anglers amongst us get a few brown trout and rainbow trout,
    salmon are a bit scarce these days.

    As for cedars, we have probably tried to grow every tree in the world from Victorian seed collectors.
    with or without some success, mainly in timber forestry or ornamental collections.
    Western Red Cedar Thuja plicata has been planted but in dense plantations tends to sterilise
    the forest floor so is not too popular. there are a few acres of it in my wood.
    Sitka spruce was planted in thousands and thousands of acres,
    particularly in Western Scotland, again produces dense dark stands of forests.

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