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    I was impressed with it in my first out of the gate load for my .308. I have never used any of the N powders as they are about $10.00 or more than the Hodgon powders. It was very accurate and burned so clean that I don't think I will have to clean the cases other than the primer pockets. Also, there seemed to be almost no smoke.

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    Thats nice to hear. Am just about to work up a few loads to try Wednesday with N140 and 155grn Sierras

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    Here in Britain supplies of US powders are intermittent. So are supplies of Vihtavouri for that matter!

    Nevertheless there's many that despite the price difference prefer the Vihtavouri powders. N140 is most excellent, as is N150 as a "second choice", for our British .303 cartridge.

    They are all good powders and you will do well with them. You can't put a premium on quality!

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    I was a h4895 nut for the .308 then moved to 140 for that and the 243 when varget and h4895 were on the list of none ? found them ran as good if not better on 140

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