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Thread: Lee case trimmers

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    Lee case trimmers

    I have a lot of case trimming bits so I thought I'd do some little kits, these are all second hand but in good working order.

    Lee cutter & lock stud, Lee chamfer tool, Lee primer pocket cleaner. 11 posted I can do 3 sets like that. I have one set left

    Lee cutter & lock stud, Lee primer pocket cleaner, RCBS deburring tool. 26 posted I can do 2 sets like that. 1 set SOLD pending

    I have Lee case length gauge & shell holders in 222, 243, 30-30, 303 and 30-06. I'll put them in with any of the above sets at an extra 4-50 each set or plus 1 for postage if bought separately.
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    payment sent cheers dave
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    Hi Colonel,
    I'll take one set of you please.
    The Lee cutter & lock stud, Lee primer pocket cleaner, RCBS deburring tool. 26 posted.
    plus a Lee case length gauge & shell holder in 223, for the extra 9.

    If you have any plastic ammo boxes for 223 and reloading trays or lube pads etc I would take some also.

    PM me.

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    received dave cheers ,,,doug,

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    Hi Dave,
    Received package, packed perfectly and everything as described.

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    I now have another 11 set and a 243 Lee case length gauge and shell holder set. I also have a spare RCBS deburring tool 16 posted. Spare RCBS deburring tool now sold.
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