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Thread: WTD - desperately need Number 2 lee autoprime shell holder

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    WTD - desperately need Number 2 lee autoprime shell holder

    Have managed to gather everything together for a reloading for my new .308, but forgot to pick up auotprime shell holder.

    Does anyone in the local area (Uxbridge/Heathrow/slough/bucks area) have one to sell/that I can borrow?

    Was hoping to load for next weekend tomorrow and am afraid - I will be roped in to DIY if I can't get hold of one.

    Cheers All.

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    wished i lived closer mty you could have used mine or bring your case round

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    If it's just the shell holder for inserting the primers in to the cases, then you are more than welcome to borrow mine.
    I live between High Wycombe and Thame, if it's any help to you drop me a PM.

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    hi chris send us your address I,ve got one you can have I,ll post it first thing in the morning dave.

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    Can you not prime on the press!?

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    To every one that has replied or responded in some way shape or form I thank you !! I have borrowed a number 2 priming shell holder of a very nice chap Dave (dave 67) yesterday afternoon, which has meant I managed to get my loading done for this weekend.

    As usual - I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of members here - especially over a bank holiday weekend.

    My hat goes off to you all.



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