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Thread: HJ Hall Protrek Winter socks

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    HJ Hall Protrek Winter socks

    For quite a few years I've used Härkila Expedition socks for winter wear. Great sock Härkila but costly. I was looking to buy more of the indestructable socks from HJ Hall and i saw they do a Protrek sock Extreme ProTrekâ„¢ - Technical Walking Sock - HJ832 - Buy Online ‣ HJ Socks ‣ Official Site I ordered a couple of pairs and have used them over the last winter. Worn with a pair of liner socks I've sat out for up to 6 hours at -15 and the feet remained warm. HJ Hall protrek socks highly recomended .

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    Yes totally agree. Excellent socks and made in the UK.
    HJ Hall is one of the oldest hosiery manufacturers in the UK and made our Military issue socks for years.
    We have been selling them and wearing them for years too. I tend to have 5 pairs on the go, which I rotate every day, softop, protrek and also ramblers. I expect to have to start replacing them after 4 years constant wear and even then they have more life to go, but then to get a bit thinner after all this time.

    Top Tip
    Never use conditioner with Socks, as it stops them wicking sweat and contributes to cold feet.
    Soft Tops are excellent and many of our Diabetic customers will wear nothing but.

    Rugged & Tough's Work & Country Clothing Store

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    Sorry to hijack Andrew just looked on your site how do I find these socks?

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