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    night vision

    Hello all can I have some help please? I am interested in buying night vision binoculars to help with foxing but I am very unsure what is good or bad so my question is what are other folk using? can I get advise on make model also what kind of distance they are good for? have around 600 to spend, thanks in advance for any advise, cheers

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    HI Araon

    I am using a truck spotter made by a chap called SOME BLOKE.

    with a AS T20 on top it all came to around 300, he also makes hand held units with a small screen on that I have seen used out to 300 yards eye shine and 200/220 full ident on foxs,

    have a look at the NV forum before you spend a lot of cash and get ripped off,

    IMO: unless you have thousands to spend on things like Thermal image for detection be carful where and how you spend your cash,m


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    I use a PVs 14 and a D760 dedicated scope faultless
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    Ile second the some bloke spotters there very good and he does about six now,although i have made one myself and am quite chuffed with myself i can identify fox,badger,etc out to 400yds and can get eyeshine a lot further i used a watec camera 50mm lens cobbled with a reversing camera screen and a ir torch[T20] and three 18650 batteries in a case all available on the bay.

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    Thanks for the endorsements chaps - but I think he means the type that are brought to the eye.

    My main experience of such a device is a Digital Ranger. The near eye viewer will almost certainly 'sting' your viewing eye if you are middle age plus though. I'd say try before you buy - or buy a used one that can be moved on at little or no loss of funds - probably costing less than 200.

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