Jacks game /ferreting/pigeon shooting/buck/rough shooting/wildfowling/stag/strictly ferreting 1&2/ferret and ferreting down under/professional rabbit catching withmick mansbridge/pugs & drummers/ vermin control with rifles / red letter days / ferrets at work with the warrner / whistling foxes / wild fowling rough shooting / classic deerstalking vol 3 fallow sika muntjac / classic deerstalking vol 1 roe stalking / hunting fever New Zealand / hunting Queens land red deer / Britain's deer / fallow stalking / north European roe buck/October time of the rut /the life of the roe buck / the secret life of the roe deer / fred caters country classic 1&2&3 Johnny d and the black & tans/ the march /game shooting all original 50 the lot pick up preferred np235tx but would post at buyers expense