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Thread: Raw salmon

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    Raw salmon

    Does anyone feed raw salmon to their dogs ?
    I have some to try and they are basically a full salmon with the fillets removed so basically a head, tail and all the bones with what I would say is a decent amount of meat on them. Just a bit concerned about the bones.
    Any advice welcome

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    I feed mine occasionally raw salmon but I do raw trout from bessy Beck when I fish there. I always remove the bones. They love the skin if cooked more so bbq'ed.

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    During foot and mouth I saw a report about a hunt feeding the hounds filleted fish as you describe they all looked fine on it

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    A friend of mine feeds salmon/trout trimmings to his dogs, condition is excellent, although they can gain weight with it quite easily

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    feed raw mackerel to the dog all through the summer,just gut them and feed whole

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    I feed raw salmon but I put it through a mincer, the heads and trimmings should be ok but I wouldn't give them the skelton

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    People give their dogs raw deer heads, ribs, legs, chicken wings etc etc... What harm can salmon bones do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny tim View Post
    just gut them and feed whole
    The mackerel or the dog?
    Mackerel would be one of the best fish to use.

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