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    Hi lads, I recently asked about information about stalking at Eskdale Wildlife etc. I had very good comments from all,whoever I have filled out their application form on two seperate occassions over the past two weeks and finally sent them an e-mail on Friday,I am still awaiting a reply. I just wondered if any one has any idea as to what is going on with them,or has had any similar problems or maybe they just don't want to know me. thanks lads Bozzy.

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    If that is Ronnie Rose,s place then he is now a full time employee of the DCS/SNH and will no doubt be busy while they settle in to there new sector SNH/ Deer group organiser. I am sure he will be intouch .

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    cheers Choc, I am sure you are right, I don't know the guy but I do trust the information that I receive from all of the lads and lasses on the forum. I will try to be a bit more patient.All I want to do is arrange some stalking. many thanks..Bozzy

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    Might be easier to give him a bell. I will have his no. somewhere if u need it. I didn't know he was now with the dcs/snh full time. He's a decent fella wi loads off grond to go at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrryboy View Post
    Might be easier to give him a bell. I will have his no. somewhere if u need it.
    Countrryboy is right give him a bell, don't rely on the e-mail.



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    Hi lads,I have taken your advice and used the old fashioned method of telecommunication and it worked.His wife answered and said that he is winding down,overworked and waiting for the new person to take over.However she will get him to give me a call asap.Thanks for your help. Brian.

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