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Thread: Manufrance semi auto shotgun

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    Manufrance semi auto shotgun

    I've seen this shotgun second hand for 194.
    Just wanting to see if anybody knows anything about them?

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    French. Good quality, some UK police forces used pump action Manufrance, once upon a time.

    But spares may be an issue an IMHO as it's not a popular make I'd want to pay no more than 150 or 140. It's a buyer's market for such things. Others will advise a Beretta or Browning's B80 which is a Beretta in fact.

    Here's one on Pigeon Watch...see...150...

    Manufrance 12 gauge - Guns for Sale (Private Sales) - Pigeon Watch Forums
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    That gun was mine, sold it two weeks ago for 100

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    had a 3 shot pump action version, the only pump action I've ever broken, the bolt snapped off of the steel rod. wouldn't buy another

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