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Thread: Fox Country!

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    Sure does read like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro View Post

    There were loads turn up on a sheep farm I shoot on. 1 dog fox had been castrated, a vixen had a neat scar line on her belly.

    Never checked the rest they just went on the pile, they were all long and skinny not like what we call a woodland fox....

    A turkey farmer rang me very miffed as 10 turned up on his farm and were just wandering through the yards.

    What he didn't shoot with the 12g or trap I trimmed up with the rifle.

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    No no the R.S.P.C.A say its a myth ,what a load of tripe they know it goes on all the time .Too many people on here and P.W have had big fox nights.One guy last year shot 13 in one night and same as you say Tim someone has to deal with the aftermath of stupid .10 foxes dumped on a sheep farm at lambing time ,someone needs a kick in the tater,s .The good citizens of London never ask where the trapped foxes go ,nor do they care i guess you might know where they turn up though atb
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    Had this on a pheasant shoot a few years ago. White van pulls up in a gateway guy gets out and releases 3 foxes into the field. They ran for the wood and not one made it as far as peg 6 😀
    Keeper ran over but guy got in the van and sped off

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    If anyone does have any photos to prove the myth it might be worth sending them to the paper. I doubt they would but you never know they might follow it up.

    At the moment the charities have said it's a lie put about by farmers and that's that as far as the public are concerned. It would be nice to be able prove that it does happen. With the graphic photos of dead lambs it might just get followed up, especially if the evidence is from the South West.

    If anyone does have have any photos but not the time I'd be happy to write to the paper if you sent them with the details to me.


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