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Thread: Dovetail scope rings

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    Dovetail scope rings

    Hi, Looking for advice on scope rings, I have a weirauch hj60 in .22 hornet and i am about to fit a new scope to it, problem is I currently have sport match rings but as the scope is a Swarovski z4i I am looking for rings that are top quality but that fit the dovetail rail? I look forward to your advice?

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    As long as you know the dovetail width then here are a few options Rings Archives - Optics Warehouse

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    Weirach uses 11mm standard European dovetail for scopes and aperture sights. Leupold, Burris, and others make ringmounts for them.

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    there is a video on you tube(type in BKL mounts on you tube) by gunvidder ,which suggests dovetail mounts dont line up on tightening,which got me thinking that if its right,does the same apply to weaver mounts ?,worth watching the outcome seems to suggest BKL are the best out there

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    I have a weihrauch hw60j 222 ive used all sorts over the years but theres one thing to look for if you look at your action and scope ring rails that are obviously machined in to the action the action is bowed between the rails so say sportsmatch rings between the clamping parts are flat and wont fit mine i had to look specifically for something that was machined to fit they are out there if i can find the package ile let you know what mine are cheers .

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    Thanks for all the replies, I have now spoken to rifleman firearms in Langport, who i have never used before, they have sourced genuine HW60j bases from Weihrauch which will then allow the fitment of warne rings, although a little costly I believ it is money well spent, especially when fitting a 1500 scope, regards Tom

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