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Thread: RCBS Uniflow Question.

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    RCBS Uniflow Question.

    I have an old RCBS Uniflow powder thrower that had become rather stiff in operation.
    It wasn't new when I got it and that was about fifteen years ago and I have never cleaned it.

    I had a look on the RCBS site and decided to strip and clean it, which has restored it to smooth operation.

    Whilst looking on the RCBS site I noticed that current models seem to have a baffle in the powder reservoir tube, that sits above the measuring cylinder.
    I understand that the baffle can be bought separately.

    My question is, 'Does the addition of a baffle improve the consistency of the charges thrown ?'
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    I just got myself a Uniflow and like yours, it was without the baffle, so I did a fair bit of reading on the question and it seems split between people saying it makes a massive difference and others saying no difference at all. So no help at all from me then I'm afraid but I will be trying mine for the first time this week with Viht140 and will let you know the results.

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    Forgot to say - everyone agreed on the important factor of making consistent "throws"

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    I have a Uniflow & being tight fisted I made my own baffle (a piece of stainless steel cut out & bent then deburred - not hard to do) It does help keep the charge weights consistent - It keeps the "pressure head" of powder consistent entering the metering chamber on the drum as the powder in the hopper drops.


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    I think the baffle appeals to those people who do not 'trickle up' - you know, the people that say its only for stalking

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    Had Uniflows for years, neither have baffles in them. Never thought to use them.

    Mine are set to throw an approximate charge, then I trickle as necessary. The smoothness of flow much depends on what kind of propellant goes through. The stick granules obstruct smooth flow and ball powders flow easily. The stuff I use never flows smoothly through the thrower so a trickler is a necessity.

    So, which propellant type is the use of a baffle supposed to help?
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    Before shelling any money out, why not try making your own. It’s just a lozenge-shaped platform with a notch on either side, and could be made from stiff waxed cardboard..... cornflake carton maybe? RCBS might have copied this idea from the Lyman 55 which had it from the start, I think. Have eviscerated my junk cupboard, but can’t find mine. It was always a bit of a distraction, if not a nuisance.

    The use of these was gospel during the pistol days with fine powders in tiny charges. When loading with SB rifle powders this doesn’t solve the problem the RCBS Uniflow has in using extruded stick powders, which is the shearing of grains at the cylinder edge. Modern powders like VN140 are finer so it might be a benefit, but sorry that I really don’t know one way or the other.
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    When I made my baffle (20 yrs ago) it was in an attempt to eliminate the need to trickle loads. - I did notice a small improvement when using small grain powders - couldn't quantify it though - just felt it was better than without. It's no hassle to use it so I still do.
    I don't play with pistol powders so can't comment on them.
    As previously said the biggest problem (cutting/jamming when dispensing large cylindrical powders) remains - Any charge that jams is discarded - I trickle & weigh each charge these days just to be double sure I've got it right.


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    The baffles only purpose is to keep a constant volume of powder in contact with the metering tube so if you add powder to the measure, it doesn't get compressed by the added weight.(and visa versa) Most people position the baffle too high in the powder magazine and the powder just flows past it. Ideally, it's set as low as possible in the tube. I use one in my Seeley Masker measure but not in any of the others.~Muir

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    I have one in mine and it seems to work OK

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