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Thread: New to realoading

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    New to realoading

    Good Morning all, I have recently moved over to a .270 from .243 More about preference really and quarry, i have obtained a lot of reloading gear and also components theu guy i bought my rifle off had perfected a good load for this rifle having i think 5 rounds clovering at 100yds .... thats fine for me , he has given me the reloading data and the methods that he used to obtain the cartridge overall length, i have a quater tub of the same powder and the bullet heads and some brass and primers etc, I was just wondering if there was anyone around the north east / Middlesbrough / Teesside area that could run through the proscess or spend a morning with me discussing the set up etc, thanks Jon

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    Hi Jon I may be a bit out of your area (in Durham) but I'd be happy to go over things with you, set up your dies etc.
    There's room for all Gods creatures ........... right next to the mash and gravy

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