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Thread: Do deer like peanut butter?

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    Do deer like peanut butter?

    Well acording to an American bow hunting site I was looking at, yes they do! They suggest cutting the bottom off a plastic container and nailing the lid to a tree at deer height and fastening the container to the lid. I'll give it a go this weekend on the muntjac. Should be interesting!

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    Keep us posted


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    You will soon have the finest collection of badgers as that is what the watchers put out. Will be interesting. Keep posts up to date.Always wanted to try badger ham-----Cancel that too full of TB

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    I know thwy like gingernuts there was a tame red deer lived at Chatsworth when I was young it went bonkers for them was more like a pony than a deer quite bizare as all the others legged it this one didn't give a hoot.. came right up to you

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    BTW Morena badger really stinks when you boil it .. not all it's made out to be we picked up a fresh road kill one years ago ...

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    Go it Beo - if that idiot Kingdom turns up give him a barrel from me .........

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    I like to try out various baits to tempt the deer in. Usually I use natural fodder or just move around the ground as the apples, nuts and berries come into season. The peanut butter idea just sort of tickles me. The deer will have to get right up to the jar and hopefully they will be to pre-occupied with the peanut butter to take much notice of me.
    The Blue Bell shoots are coming through on my patch, so that will be my next port of call. Shooting the muntjac as they browse the sweet smelling carpet of flowers.

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    Hi Beowulf
    Well i can tell you that the reds over the farm have a taste for the stuff
    Was over there putting some fencing up last year & had peanut butter sandwiches for lunch Or should i say i thought i had them for lunch untill i spotted one of the young hinds with her head inside my lunch box The remnants of a half eaten peanut butter sandwich an apple & 2 bananas were all that was left & 1 very satisfied hind wandering back down the field without a care in the world
    I think they will get a taste of anything given the time mate so its worth a go

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    Will you also be taking that bow and arrow with you as well Beowulf, probably have more bloody chance of hitting something. Here`s a tip, remember to take the red suckers from the arrow heads this time mate


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    Next time you come down here Wadas, I'm going to hang you up covered in peanut butter and feed you to the Muntjac with frecking lazers on their frecking heads!

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