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Thread: Wearing I in a minority?

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    Wearing I in a minority?

    I posted a reply, in another thread here, about a harness for binoculars in which I suggested wearing them under the armpit usually of the non-shooting arm, or instead non-weapon wearing side (you'll see why with Robert E Lee's picture for that term). Like I do and as in the video that someone posted of the hunter Mark Sullivan.

    Yet when I used Google to search for an image to show this all I could find, pretty much all, were these two. So, other than myself, "Afican PH" Mark Sullivan, Robert E Lee and the Waffen SS who else wears their binoculars under their arnpit?

    Are we odd? Abnormal? Or just too cheap to go an buy a harness? Although I did and have two such of the things, a Niggeloh and a Solgne and tried both of them for five minutes and went back to under the arm....wondering why anyone would suffer such impractical devices.

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    In my case i,m too cheap plus i dont allways go with the flow ,if i can manage bout i will,i told you i was cheap,

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    If I don't want to leave them in the motor on the pub car park, they'll go under my left arm.
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    A harness takes all the weight from the neck.. Wearing them in your fashion doesn't achieve that, it just transfers the weight from the back to the side.. 1kg of weight pulling on the side of the neck is a recipe for back problems!

    I find, with a decent harness, not only does it protect my bins, it is also so efficient in distributing the weight that I pretty much forget they are there (from a weight point of view.) it also stops them falling in the mud when I'm crawling round in the undergrowth

    I find wit

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    I wear them several ways, but do not use a harness.
    1. Just around me neck, if using them a lot.

    2. Around my neck and inside my coat.

    3. Under my armpit, whichever arm is not carrying my rifle at the time, so I can reach it with my free hand - like Robert E. Lee ( he's family, so maybe it's genetic. )

    4. Compact binoculars around my neck, on the side, but with clip on strap extenders, so they drop into a coat cargo pocket. I can also snap them off the strap in an instant and just put them in my pocket or put them aside without touching the strap around my neck.

    5. Strap off and in a messenger shoulder bag along with my lunch, calls, etc.

    One reason for the variations is that I sometime carry a QR mounted riflescope in a case around my neck, under my arm or swung to the back of my hip, like that Waffen SS officer. I will be hunting with iron sights, but have the scope to snap on if I feel the need.

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    I wear them under my armpit also I find its easier to crawl and shoot prone. I started when I was bow hunting in Africa to keep them away from my draw and continued ever since

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    I use an Allen binocular harness, hang on front of my chest. Never seem to get in the way of mounting the rifle.

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    I just use the strap the bino's come with. They hang down my front, I tuck them in my jacket if I'm going to crawl. Tried a bra strap thing once and hated it, felt like I was fighting the thing every time I lifted the bino's to look through them

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    I also wear my binos cross-bodied to the left, although lower than the soldier in the image above. I use the Swarovski rising strap because it allows me to wear it this way or in the conventional manner around the neck. My problem with it is that as I'm 6'3" the strap isn't quite long enough so I'm going to have to modify it.

    I'd be interested if anyone can recommend a strap that is long enough for me, ideally an attractive leather or canvas one that doesn't have non-slip rubber on the inside.

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    Just get an adjustable canvas shoulder strap and add to that. You can find one with leather tabs on the ends and swivel clasps, at thrift shops for $1.00 or so - taken off of old pocketbooks or book bags.

    To that, add a QD clip from OP/Tech USA, which makes camera straps and connectors. Then you can just snap the binos off and on, sharing your strap among several binoculars. Amazon for about $7.00.
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