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Thread: Danish Hunter temporarily located in West Sussex.

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    Danish Hunter temporarily located in West Sussex.

    Hi, I am from Denmark and I found this site on the internet, while surfing for hunting posibilities in the UK.

    I currently live in West Sussex, where i am outposted on a contract for an English company. Since i only return to Denmark each second weekend for 2 days, I've been really missing out on some of the normal hunting activities back home.

    I am looking for Roe, Muntjac stalking in my area at reasonable prices (Big thropies are not important). Rabbit, Pigion hunting has interrest too.

    It is possible to bring my own rifle, shotgun oversea but i have no where to store them. So i potentially need to borrow a gun. Longterm i would like to return to England once or twice a year if i find the right contact, esate, lease.

    If anyone has any idea of where i should look or whom to contact, please help me out..

    Thank you.

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    welcome to sd, i would suggest that you give it time and talk to many users.
    involve yourself in discussions etc.
    you may be lucky in finding a chap who will take you out for a days stalk or on the pigeons etc.
    i have a mate whom drives lorries for the windmill companies, his co worker is from belguim.
    he asked me the same question as you have and i took him for a day at the geese and rabbits.
    he got one goose jammy git i got none..

    good luck all the same bud
    give it time, maybe a long wait.


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    Hi Frank.

    Thanks for your advice - apreciate it.

    Hope that I'm able to find nice estate or somthing in my area, while I live oversea. Geese hunting is fun, in Denmark we are blessed with good geese and duck hunting. I have 2 small boats and alot decoys which i like to use at sea from 1. October untill 1. January.

    Regards Knielsen.

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    Hi k.

    if your every up this way let me know i may let you tag a long, will you take me to denmark for the geese. ha ha


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