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Thread: Devon Fallow Buck - IanF

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    Devon Fallow Buck - IanF

    Id like to share my photo of the fallow buck taken with IanF from here last weekend down in Devon, I wanted to get the crown mount done but have ran out of time this weekend.

    Fantastic mornings outing and successfully took this buck from 210m, prone position with my Tikka .260, great stalk in on a group of five fallows.

    Afternoon before had a very informal range session with IanF to check zero and get some confidence shots in to confirm everything still works mainly me. This was up at Ian's range and the practice of positional shooting, stick shooting techniques paid off first round hits on a steel gong at 200m. This is the only reason we took the shot at that distance, I have the correct kit, and am aware of my ability shooting out to distance.

    Stalking for me is still about the experience and having this afternoon on the range makes sure I have everything sorted before the important outing, I started my stalking with Ian, 7 years ago based on this approach, some revision of field techniques then the outings follow this, I think it is a great combination.
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