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Thread: Howa .308 /6.5x55

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    Howa .308 /6.5x55

    Do any of you use .308 or 6.5x55 in howa rifles ,there are some older reports, but would like any updates .I reload so any info on home loads or factory ammo would be usefull.

    Thank ACJ.

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    I have a Howa .308, stainless action in wood stock. Shoots very well indeed. I use an ASE Utra stainless mod with it. I reload as well, and use 150 grain Hornady BTSP pushed along with 44 grains of RL15. Very accurate.

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    My Howa 308 s/s varmint will drop the Sierra 150g Gameking bullet into 0.7moa, using H414 powder and seated to SAAMI length.


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    Happy to have a Howa .308 with B&C stock and 20" heavy barrel, 1 in 10 twist rate. Best factory ammo used is Geco express 165 gr. Shot a 7mm group at a 100m.

    anybody had similar returns?

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    I have recently purchased a Howa .308 s/s varmint barrel in the Hogue stock. Not had too much chance to shoot it, but was putting 175gr SMK into 1MOA at 100yds last Bisley outing. Have loaded a number of rounds for load testing next time out, 175gr and 168gr SMK over RS50 powder.

    Interesting to see the results from the 150gr. Will give these a try next.

    If I can make this shoot much better, I may also look at a Howa in 6.5x55 too, as already have one of these in M96 guise and this is a sweet shooter - accurate and low recoil.



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    I load 150gr Hornady Interlocks with 45gr of Ramshot Tac very accurate in my 308

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    I have the Howa 1500 in 308.Glass and pillar bedded into the howa laminate thumbhole stock.
    Very good action and barrel. Shoots 1/2 " groups all day, no kidding.
    Only shoot out to 100 yards at the range.
    168 grain Sierra Match kings with 43 grains Hogdon H4895.
    155 grain sierra Match kings 44.5 grain of H4895.
    I even put 200 rounds of MEN mil surplus through it and it grouped at about 3/4"

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    Yes I have a howa 6.5x55 accuracy isnt quite what I want just can't get it to shoot right. It's going in for a border next month.
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    Thanks guys most help full.


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