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Thread: Refinished and Custom Rosewood tipped Sako 75 Hunter -Action III stock - lovely grain

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    Refinished and Custom Rosewood tipped Sako 75 Hunter -Action III stock - lovely grain

    Believed to be originally on a 22-250 action III rifle
    Also fits the following:
    22-250 Rem
    243 Win
    260 Rem
    7mm-08 Rem
    308 Win

    Floorplate measure 200mm edge to edge
    Action Screw holes C183mm

    The stock has been taken back to bare wood, prepped to a very fine finish and hand oiled with numerous coats of Walnut Preperation
    The Custom rosewood tip is twin dowelled into the fore-end and sets off the dark and nicely figured walnut very well
    A totally bespoke feature, not available as a Factory option.
    The brass Sako grip cap has been polished and refitted after oiling

    Make your 75 come alive!

    220 posted RMSD

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    Any chance of viewing this? I'm working in Edinburgh this afternoon & Friday morning. Friday p.m. perhaps?

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    If I had a standard barrel profile I'd of bitten your hand of but the thought of it being altered makes me shudder, would you be interested in making another gun and stock supplied no ebony cap needed.

    let me know

    thanks Matt

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    open to sensible offers or part ex for existing stocks

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    Beautiful work Ed. Did you do it yourself ?

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    rescued a damaged stock that was destined to become a doorstop!

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