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Thread: CARL ZEISS JENA 10X50 DDR JENOPTEM Binoculars with Leather Case

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    CARL ZEISS JENA 10X50 DDR JENOPTEM Binoculars with Leather Case

    Due to an upgrade to some range finding binoculars my original pair of Zeiss are unused and need to go to a good home.

    I have owned these from new when they were a gift for my 21st. They have had very little use as can be seen from the pictures. All the pictures are of the actual binoculars for sale.

    They have always been stored in the leather hard case pictured. This case has some marks on the rear but are slight.

    All controls work smoothly. They are in a exceptional good cosmetic condition. Made in Germany (DDR), they have the Zeiss IQ quality symbol, serial number 6250367 , comes with original leather neck strap, leather case with strap and lifetime warranty card. Well made, quite powerful, classic binoculars, ideal for general use. The lens are super crisp and clear. There are zero marks on the lens surfaces. And no evidence of fogging.

    In order to be 100% open and honest I add the following.

    Looking through the objective end of the binos it is possible to see what appears to be an eyelash in one and a couple of specks of what looks like dust in the other. Neither of these are visible when looking through the binos the correct way round and do not affect the seen image when looking through them.

    I have contacted Zeiss to query this and have been told that this is likely to have been manufacturing debris. They have said that it would not be covered by the lifetime warranty as it does not affect the seen image and therefore is not a defect in the manufacturing process.

    180.00 plus 11.00 Fully insured Royal Mail Next Day Special delivery to save any issues arising for buyer and seller.

    Item will be very well protected for delivery.

    Cash on collection welcome
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    Price drop

    160 Inc postage.

    One offer under consideration

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    Further price drop

    150 Inc. postage

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    Where are they marked with the Zeiss 1Q symbol?,,,Zeiss first quality? pretty sure these later binos were never marked with 1Q symbol but stand to be corrected.Think 1Q were pre multi coated versions.Nice bins though ,,,,,O

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    Thanks all,

    Item now sold pending payment

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