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Thread: Last day with the old rifle

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    Last day with the old rifle

    Was out yesterday to pick the last couple roe and have my last day out with my old rifle.
    Just waiting on the variation now so I can got pick up my new set up! Just hope it's as accurate as the old one and it doesn't take too long for the variation! Feel like I'm missing an arm not having the rifle

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    what was your rifle and what have you chaged to?

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    Was an old voere .308. Getting a tikka m595 .308 been waiting ages on the paper work all getting sorted for the new rifle. Hopefully have it soon

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    M595 is an excellent rifle, had mine for about 14 years and I bought it 2nd hand. Wish they still made them.

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    I've heard good things about them. This ones been well looked after so hopefully will give me many years of service

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    +1 on Tikka 595. Bought mine in 30.06 second hand in 2001. Just killed another 24 animals in South Africa this month. Been great except I had to have factory fitted a set trigger as the standard one is quite heavy.

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