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Thread: annual monteria to Portugal

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    annual monteria to Portugal

    Hi guys it's that time of year when I start putting together our annual monteria to Portugal

    Places are limited to 16 because I can't be arsed doing anymore paperwork and it's probably logisticly impossible to get more people through Portuguese customs in the time allowed

    So what and when

    Included is

    Return flight from Manchester on thurs 1st Dec returning on Monday 5th
    20kg baggage
    Gun case
    5 kg ammo allowance
    4 nts shared accommodation in nice hotel with a very cheap bar which we sort of own for the duration
    3 days driven boar and vermin
    All transport in Portugal
    Hunting licence and insurance
    No trophy fee's
    Unlimited boar
    Good breakfast every morning with lunch while hunting

    Not included is

    Personal expenses
    Trophy prep
    Travel insurance
    Meals and drinks in evening if you choose to go out (most people do)

    Total price is £1425

    There is a single room supplement of £40 should anyone wishing to use this

    A deposit of £175 is required to book the flight to secure a place the remaining balance is to be paid by August

    You will need

    Rifle suitable for boar 6.5 upwards
    European firearms licence
    Rifle case suitable for airline's
    Ammo case
    Trigger locks
    Some spending money (€200) more than enough
    Sense of humour

    You can book your own flight from a local airport if the arrival times are close to those from Manchester if so the price would be £1250

    This is our 4th or 5th trip to Portugal and it's always good crack with varied shooting over different terrain ranging from open pine forest's to thick scrub over 20,000 plus acres
    I never promise everyone will shoot boar but I do everything I can to try to make it happen but as in all hunting it's right time right place
    If you enjoy the crack good hunting good food and a bit of banter then join in
    If you are looking for vast numbers of boar shot every day then it's probably not for you

    Note to administration

    I am not an agent and pay the same rate as everyone else this is the only trip i organise with maybe another one to the same place in the new year if we get an invite back(this decision is based on how much acolohol is consumed and how bad we shoot)

    Any more info req just give me a shout


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    Hi Graham,
    interested in your Monteria, what are the total number of Huns each day, what is the normal bag on average.



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    Hi greg
    There is normally 2 drives a day with a possible 3rd if the tally is down with an average of 10 boar per day so we're looking for approx 30 boar over 3 days but it is totally wild so anything can happen

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    Is it just boar or deer as well Graham?.

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    Boar fox and mongoose there are deer present on the estate but the keeper doesn't want them shot yet so as to build up numbers

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    Can't wait!! Bring on the 'SuperBock'!

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    have you got you're trophy back yet david

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    I have Been on quite a few of these trips with coidy and i can fully say that i have totally enjoyed my time with this pack.
    The guys try so hard to make your trip a pleasure and a great experiance.
    This time due to other commitments i will not be able to go but i can recomend this trip and ths guy.
    regards Bally

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