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Thread: Sako 85 picattiny rail

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    Sako 85 picattiny rail

    I'm looking for a picatinny rail for my sako 85 .243. I'm trying to mount a longbow but need the rail to get started. Does anyone have one. 0MOA please.
    any help greatly appreciated.

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    I've got a Longbow on my Sako 85 and did'nt need a picatinny rail to fit just extra reach mounts i think they were called

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    Do you know what make you got ?

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    I have a Recknagel from my 75 3 action, the guy at Alan Rhone said its the same mine was on a 22.250 action now 6.5x47 selling as I need another one but with a 20moa rail.

    £50 :00 plus pp ist class jiffy bag
    below is the bla bla off the site.

    Recknagel Picatinny Aluminium Rail for Sako Short
    Black anodised

    Will Fit Sako 75 / MA05 / I / II / III / 85 / MA05 / XS / SM / S
    Height of Base - 12.5mm
    Code: - 57050-0014

    To mount the rail, separate the rail from the tapered bases. Push the bases onto the Sako receiver and tighten the two vertical locking grub screws to hold in the bases in place. Remount the rail onto the bases.

    Dimensions of Adjustments:
    The Rail Length is 132mm.
    Bases Length: 21mm
    Bases Center to Center: Adjustable from 83mm to 121mm
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    They don't have anything written on them, i did think they were optilocks
    When i brought the rifle it had an S&B 8x56 on and i took to my local gunshop to get it sorted
    Sorry i can't be more helpful

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    So the one you are selling is a 0 MOA.

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    Hi Paul o , if Yorkshire lad isn't interested then I would certainly be as looking for one for my 85 xs ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoie View Post
    Hi Paul o , if Yorkshire lad isn't interested then I would certainly be as looking for one for my 85 xs ,
    Scoie have a look at Recknagel on the Alan Rhone website.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I also have a sako pictanny to fit sako and tikka t3 for sale, 0 moa

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    I'm interested in either. Obviously I'm third in line, but if there is no takers I'll be up for one

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