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Thread: .22lr Poll

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    Post .22lr Poll

    Straightforward vote for only those who use .22lr for Rabbits and or Squirrels.
    What do you use,Subsonic or High Velocity....? And at what typical ranges are they zeroed and most shots taken?

    Dont need any advice/opinions on other/better/preferred calibres,thanks!!

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    I use winsubs spot on at fifty yards mainly rabbits odd hare and fox

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    Most rifles are High Velocity, about 1200 FPS
    Half my .22s are iron sights only.
    Self-loading rifles are zeroed at 25 yards, with no shots over 75, one with 6x42, another with 2-7x32AO Mil Dot.
    Others are zeroed 50 yards, and have BDC reticles, Mil Dot 2-7x, or fine target crosshair and AO.
    Trying to decide on maybe another .22 scope now - hard to find one with all the features I want.

    Revolvers use High Velocity HP and open sights ( I carry them sometimes for snakes, and any fox or coyote I might encounter.)
    S&W 41 - LR subsonic match, zero to 25 yards
    High Standard - High Velocity
    SW22 - open sights set to 25 yards, but also have a 4x scope I have not used.

    Typical ranges for handgun on rabbits, rats, foxes is about 25 yards.
    Typical ranges for handgun or rifle on squirrels is 20 to 55 yards.
    Typical ranges for crows and pigeons is 75 to 150 yards.

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    Eley subs 50-55 yard zero depending on batch velocity, as I work backwards so that 2 mil dots of drop equates to 100yds. This is my usual max range for bunnies, unless absolutely still daylight conditions, laser rangefinder, bipod and back bag then 156yds which is the bottom post on my mil dot reticle scope. I chrono the batch and use Quick target to optimise zero. My max with .22LR was on a mixy riddled bunny at 236yds which sat totally oblivious such was the advanced state of the mixy as he was hit on shot #8 after walking in the shots with the aid of a spotter this was on 3x mag with the bunny sat right at the bottom of the bottom post.
    Current battery, Air Arms TX200 MK3 .177, Hawke Vantage SF 3-12x40, Anschutz 1427B .22LR Sporterised Biathlon rifle, A-TEC wave mod Nikon 4.5-14x40, Tikka M595 .222Rem Leupold 6.5-20x40 LR. Howa 1500 APC .308win Varmint Nikko FFP 6-24x50 Wildcat Evo. Sauer 202 Classic XT .243Win Leupold VX3 4.5-14x50 Wildcat Evo.

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    win subs/RWS subs
    zero at 55yds
    shoot between 30 and 100yds
    predominantly rabbits, foxes, winged vermin when stupid enough to land on the ground

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    High velocity rws. Shot a lot of Grey Squirrels with them, I found subsonics not quite up to the job. I don't use a moderator so that aspect doesn't concern me.

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    .22 subs for me, they don't disturb livestock or locals. seen them kill most things from a rat to a cow

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    Winchester subs with a 60 yard zero for any vermin around, the most valuable tools in the cabinet.

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    Depending which is available at the time winchester eley cci or rws subsonics zero @ 50 yards ideal for all small vermin and also fox at sensible ranges.

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    cci Subsonic HP at the moment in a 10/22 is an out to 100ish yrds gun for me Dial is generally set for a 22/50yrd zero 0.6" High at 36yrds and dial or hold off for other ranges depending on time

    if i know its longer i take the 17HMR for out to 200yrds also for closer at night with NVD as its not as range sensitive

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